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ew a fly

Well I saw Justin today! Which was AWESOME! I saw him walking to Caste Village and gave him a ride because he looked like he was running away from home lol. Nonetheless, it was great to see him again. I really hope he comes to AIDA.  

I had a great Sunday consisting of Derek Derek and more Derek/ underwear shopping. Wow there is a fly buzzing around me and its fucking pissing me off. 

Anyway, I love Ben. Did you know that? Well now you do.:-)
Our relationship is so weird. I am so grateful for him. You know how people always have those moments that make you remember how life isn't all that bad? Well I had one the other night. Ben and I were sitting in my car waiting for Derek and Julie to come out of "Equus" at CMU and he layed his head on my shoulder and said, "Sarah, I thank God for you". :-) It made me the happiest I've been in a rully long time. It's so amazing to feel's just wonderful. And Ben has stuck by my side through thick and thin and I love him for everything he is. I love everything he does and everything he is. He is just...beautiful and wonderful to me. He is honest, trustworthy, and caring. I would not change a single thing about him. I even love the things I don't like about him! How is that possible you ask? I know I can be open with him about everything and when I say "Ben, I don't like that shirt you big fat jew"(just an example), I know he knows I love him and that I don't mean any harm by what I say. I think it sucks sometimes that you have to WORK at friendships. I wish all my friendships could be like this but I guess that's not possible. I just wish my other friends would know that I won't judge them and that I love each and every one of them for everything they are. I love Derek for everything he is. I love everything about him and I, also, love the things I don't like about him. I think he's absolutely great and beautiful and I think the same thing for Brett. 

Anywho...why do I always get into this deep shtuff? I need to stop!!!

I'm listening to some great music. "Tommy", "The Fully Monty", and "Hair" are my current faves. Why am I into all this rock shit? It's not gonna get me anywhere in this business!! hahaha

leave some comments consisting of sexual favors;-)


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