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ugh school stinkies

Hey all....currently at el school right now (Brett says el in front of all of his words so...yeah..haha I miss that pumpkin headed boy). I'm skipping health generally just sucks.

And one of my worst enemies just walked in the room. Do I really have to name her? She's like....the Zeke to my Teddy.

I don't have rehearsal tonight...praise Budha. But I do have acting with Ingrid...and that's absolutely nothing to dread. I like my acting class a lot. I made up the PSSA's today since I missed a testing day last week. It was so freaking easy. I think I will score really well.

Fiddler is...great. A lot of people have asked, "Why are you doing it, Sarah?"...and all I can say is that it has been such an amazing learning experience
for me.

I'm learning to become very observant and to take in everything that is going on around me. I'm learning how to put myself in the situation of those people in Anatevka...who had to leave the only place they have known their entire lives. A place that they are familiar with. A place where all their love is...a place they call home. And I'm learning to connect with the characters...which is something I haven't really attempted to do much of in the past. Chava is probably the most intriguiging character to me. It breaks my heart when Tevye, her father, tells her he will not accept her for who she is, or who she wants to be. He will not accept who she loves and, therefore, does not accept her. A father....not accepting his own DAUGHTER. That just completely tears my heart in half. But yeah! Haha...I've just been analyzing the story and the text a lot. I'm also realizing why the songs happen. I think sometimes it's random when a song is thrown in, but in Fiddler, it seems to fit well. The moment before always inspires the song. "Miracles of Miracles", for instance, is inspired by Motel's 'miracle' of being accepted into Tzietel's family, because he is so poor. It's so awesome to me to start noticing all these amazing things. It might sound stupid, but, it's like I'm opening my eyes for the first time.

I'm not here to criticize ANYONE...but I think my main problem with Jim C's acting is that he feels that he has to overpower everyone to be a good performer. That is NOT what this is about. Can you just imagine if we all just SCREAMED everything we said like he does? It would be one large headache for the audience. Acting shouldn't be about overpowering people with your voice. A good actor doesn't need to do that. A good actor should feel...and the volume of their voice should express the emotion and text properly. Obviously, projecting your voice is a MUST but shouting all of your lines isn't an intelligent choice for an actor/ actress to make, it's just a ridiculous one. You can make your point come across EASILY without shouting. Try it, Critch Crotch.

I guess I'm a little slow, lol.

SAT's are coming up. I'm taking them at Mt. Lebo. I'm SCARED as hell.

Well...I think that's all for now....

I am so incredibly excited that Ben and I are becoming close again. He's so wonderful and he knows me so well. Hopefully, he and I will do some catching up this weekend.

WILL ANDERSON is also doing such an amazing job as Perchik. He has the character down just right, and it is so cool to see how he's grown as a performer since the first time I met him. His voice is also...just wonderful. And his hair is still incredibly sexy...haha. Love you, William!

Well I'm too tired to type anymore...I was deprived of my coffee this morning and I'm going through withdrawal. HELP! S.O.S. STARBUCKS!

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She's like....the Zeke to my Teddy. Ah...those classic enemies! (I think I know, but I don't know if I know, so you might have tell me)

And his hair is still incredibly sexy... HE is incredibly sexy...but I'm not gay!

It's nice to hear that you're learning on Fiddler. It must be an amazing feeling.


April 4 2008, 16:54:21 UTC 10 years ago

Jim Critchfield here, Sarah;

Very interesting. I am hurt and surprised. I will not wish for anything bad for you and I am just going to forgive and forget.

I will do as I have always done and wish you all the best.

Please be careful what you write about people. They just might find out as I have.