Sarah Anne Zwirek (spellmyheart) wrote,
Sarah Anne Zwirek

god has given you to me!

Rehearsal went extremely well tonight. I was completely focused and I went through my script and analyzed a lot of the text. I'm working extremely hard and it's definitely paying off. I'm learning so much.
Majors was awesome today. Billy and I had a little chit chat for about 45 minutes about the department and how my education at CAPA is going to help me in the long run. He's so wonderful and easy to talk to. He knows so much and his advice really means a lot to me. 
Brett is in Miami for a week. I'm jealous as hell.
I've been really sick the past few days...and extremely tired...but besides that, life is grand. I love when you can distinguish the people who truly care about you from the people who don't. It's been a rough year for me...I mean, my emotions have been krazy(with a k) but I am learning who cares and how to relate to people.
Mindy and I have been becoming close. We relate to eachother a lot and are in similar situations right now, emotion wise. Haha...I sound like a crackhead. Don't judge, please.
Well I'm off.
People who look like pineapples generally piss me off a lot.
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