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dont kill yourself...we'll do it for you. you've got a friend.

Fun night. Saw "My One and Only" with Derek. We left during intermission cuz it sucked some major assage. Big let-down right there. 

I get to see my Brett tomorrow! Humps. He and I are ushering a play in South Side and then god only knows. I need some time with that boy...and I really don't care what we long as we see eachother, me be fine.

Confused about a lot right now...I'll work it out, though. I always do! It's just...hard sometimes. And I know this is really stupid of me to say, but I just feel one really is...understanding me right now. I mean...don't get me wrong. I'm a lucky girl...with some kick ass friends..but, I dunno. It's weird. And it's hard to find people to talk to nowadays..who actually understand you and know you and won't judge you. It's damn hard to find that person. We'll see what happens....I'm not really finding success right now, though.

AIDA is pretty fun. I'm actually going to rehearsals now, lol. Fiddler is also going fairly well. I'm praying to god that the two won't conflict in the end. They really shouldn't.

I've been really exhausted lately...and I get to sleep in tomorrow so YAY!

Oh well...leave a comment, if you please.

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